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Xcursion is a UK based producer. He produces a variety of styles within the music scene. This ranges from Dance, House, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Trap, Orchestral, Cinematic film scores & many more. Chris Whitehouse begun music under many different names making his mark in the early stages. At this point, he realised couldn't single himself out as a 'one genre artist'. So, tried to find a name to suit his style, every style. Creating a name which describes 'something for everyone' or 'a movement'. Which was unpredictable, you never knew what was being created. Eventually, he launched 'Xcursion' (taken after 'Excursion', a journey made for pleasure) with the help of Darren Thorne. In other words, a journey made for all. One large brand that covers everything. Movement by movement, step by step, journey by journey across the entire musical spectrum. The Duo, which soon became a Trio with Aaron Sutton. Released tracks for the first couple of years. But as years went by, it reverted back to a solo brand. You often find Aaron playing rolls in Music videos, and Darren works on the sides, so they are still very much a part of the brand.


Chris's musical journey begun at the age of 7, while he was experimenting with a Keyboard & a Harmonica. Although loving music, he started appreciating all genres in the early 2011 & began producing. Growing up playing various instruments and creating his first records on softwares such as Reason 5, Cubase, & Logic. 


While meeting many people in the industry, he began his journey as Xcursion. He gained 'BBC Introducing track of the week'. Which soon followed major plays on Radio 1 by various DJ's & picking up recognition worldwide. At this point, Xcursion was already DJ'ing internationally. Soon after, Xcursion released his debut major record after teaming up with Solo artist Bethany-Joy, 'Cold War' was created. This was an unsigned track (with no promotion team), which shot straight into the UK Dance Charts at number 24, selling copies worldwide. At this point, many major artists/labels were noticing this sudden appearance. "Who is this guy?". A second track followed, 'You're Mine' which charted higher, at 22. He has released records that have gained support from the like of Calvin Harris, Skrillex & many more. Since then, he has released many more singles which have gained recognition across the world. A brand that started out with just a handful of followers is evolving into something on a much higher scale.

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