Xcursion is a Deep & Grungy Bass Music artist. 


The origin of Xcursion began when several Neuroscientists designed a machine that rewired the brain into accessing more of its cerebral capacity. They called it, ‘The Generator’. 


They gave a handful of human preliminaries black masks to avoid an electrical pass though upon close contact and ran trials. Albeit, the results were remarkable; they feared the ability of the machine. They used it to send electrical magnetic waves running through the nervous system of the patients. However, the sound it produced was noticeably haunting.


Fortunately, the experiment was reversible for most patients as they returned to a neutral state. All but one... His neuron’s development was continuously progressing. He at that point, bypassed his cerebral limit. This caused the pigmentation in his eyes to develop a deep purple colour which alarmed everyone immediately.


Then, he set off a terminal replication through an electric pulse and took full control of the machine causing everybody within close range to blackout. Both he and the machine disappeared. Nobody could believe what they were witnessing.


They’ve since discovered that he’s utilising dark energy to power the sound of The Generator, thus possessing a functioning charge which is substantial enough to hypnotise other people, luring them in.


... his location remains unknown.

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