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Something also on its way. It doesn’t get trippier than this. 

Some of the deepest basslines you will ever hear, ever. This is to create filth without overkill. Sometimes a lot of filthy tracks we listen to can include so many crazy sounds that it loses its direct source. What exactly IS the riff you’re following?


So, I stripped down the sound back to practically nothing and just gave you pure sub-power and grit.

The official release date for this is 11th September 2020 under UFO Recordz.

switch it


​This track was originated from 'Four Walls'. The track was by far one of the most popoular releases as it hit our number one spot. 

This record is pure power. With multiple drops of different styles, driven by a solid lead vocal. It's constantly switching. 


The sounds in this track will seriously trip you out.

The official release date for this is 2nd October 2020 under Ritalin Records.

Bass Music Song

This has been resurfaced from 'Four Walls'. 

This track is based around a young Jazz artist who was pulled into the studio by Xcursion. Excited, thinking she was going to be working on a Jazz production, was clearly mislead as she's pulled into making a 'Bass Music Song' in which she is clearly, not happy about. This creative production is unlike any other. The question is, was it a true story?

The official release date for this is 16th October under UFO Recordz.

run it back

Pure power! 

This one hits hard! Have you ever had a moment at a festival where you heard a tune come you didn't know, but thought "oh my god, what is this?!" Well, this is exactly one of those tracks. We like getting down like that.

The official release date for this is 20th November under UFO Recordz.

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