Cold War (The Rework)

Cold War has received an official rework! The original was the track which ‘kick-started’ Xcursion. It made its way into the UK Top 40 Singles chart for the Dance Genre. 

What style was it? 

    - It was originally a commercialized dance hit. Something you’d hear on the radio in your car. A very modern sound for its day, which was popular on the scene.  

Over the years the brand has grown. We have made trial and errors (as everyone does) with mixing and that ‘final sound quality’. The original ‘Cold War’ was very washed out and tinny. And it lacked a lot of its power. But then again, we were new to the game. 

I found the original vocal on a USB stick and suddenly had an idea. What if it had that power? What if it wasn’t a commercial dance hit? What if it was dark, cold, mysterious? I brought it forward and took it another direction. Knowing what I know now, you can expect the quality to run circles around the original. 

OUT NOW.         

The Basement

The third of four original events by Xcursion. ‘The Basement’ is entering a hot, smokey underground club that specializes in Moombahton. This also includes Reggaeton and Dancehall. With deep purple, red vibes and neon lighting all smoked out, you’ll be getting down and dirty to some of the hottest beats you’ll ever hear. 

From commercial edits and reworks, to the more prominent beat structures of the underground that will drive through your body. You won't want the miss this. The first event will be announced shortly.


Something new to the limelight. During the difficult times of lockdown here in the UK, I’ve been able to focus a lot on new productions. I’ll soon be the dropping ‘808s'.

What style is it?

     -  It's punchy, deep and mysterious, yet direct. A different style of Bass House. All about power with minimal effort.

This style is prominent in my Four Walls sets. I created the idea of this style of drop for ‘Noise Work’ which is part of the Four Walls album. Something that kicks, but drives! Noise Work became my favorite track on the album as it always gets the biggest reaction when played live. So, I used it for the Cold War Rework and developed it over time, to this, 808s/Response Code. The 808 kick is very prominent in electronic music as it has a lot of bass presence but this is different. You will soon realize this when you listen to it!

There is no release date for this yet, but expect it to be dropping soon. 

Response code

Something also new to the limelight. It doesn’t get trippier than this. 

What style is it?

     -  Very similar to 808s. This is also the ‘Four Walls’ style. 

Some of the deepest basslines you will ever hear, ever. This is to create filth without overkill. Sometimes a lot of filthy tracks we listen to can include so many crazy sounds that it loses its direct source. What exactly IS the riff you’re following?


I stripped down the sound back to practically nothing and just give you pure sub-power and grit.

There is again, no release date for this yet, but expect it to be dropping soon. 

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