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Gettin' Hype

Brand new! 


I base this track around a vocal hook-line is about a bad girl who went so hard she doesn’t remember her night out. All she rememberers is gettin’ hype to THIS track. This track features a strong sub-line which reaches tones low enough to make your heart skip a beat with the patterns it drives with. 

What style is it?

     -  It’s deep but very upfront. The vocal gives it a powerful rhythm. You don’t always need a powerful over the top bassline to drive a record. It’s all about flow, and this track provides just that. 

I have signed this track to UFO Recordz, a large electronic music label based in South Africa. The release date will be announced soon.


Something new to the limelight. During the difficult times of lockdown here in the UK, I’ve been able to focus a lot on new productions. I’ll soon be the dropping ‘808s'.

What style is it?

     -  It's punchy, deep and mysterious, yet direct. A different style of Bass House. All about power with minimal effort.

This style is prominent in my older 'Four Walls' sets. I created the idea of this style of drop for ‘Noise Work’ which was part of the Four Walls album. Something that kicks, but drives! Noise Work became my favorite track on the album as it always gets the biggest reaction when played live. So, I used it for the Cold War Rework and developed it over time, to this, 808s/Response Code. The 808 kick is very prominent in electronic music as it has a lot of bass presence but this is different. You will soon realize this when you listen to it!

The official release date for this is 10th August 2020 under Ritalin Records.

Response code

Something also new to the limelight. It doesn’t get trippier than this. 

What style is it?

     -  Very similar to 808s. This is also the ‘Four Walls’ style. 

Some of the deepest basslines you will ever hear, ever. This is to create filth without overkill. Sometimes a lot of filthy tracks we listen to can include so many crazy sounds that it loses its direct source. What exactly IS the riff you’re following?


I stripped down the sound back to practically nothing and just give you pure sub-power and grit.

The official release date for this is 11th September 2020 under UFO Recordz.

Bass Music Song

This has been resurfaced from 'Four Walls'. The original album was mutli-genre and as a result, was taken down by choice so we could rebrand Xcursion. In a good way.

How deep is it?

     -  Deep enough to make your lights flicker.

This track is based around a young Jazz artist called Ellie Saunders, who was pulled into the studio by Xcursion. Excited, thinking she was going to be working on a Jazz production, was clearly mislead as she's pulled into making a 'Bass Music Song' in which she is clearly, not happy about. He even made her beatbox.


This creative production is unlike any other. The question is, was it a true story?

The official release date for this is 16th October under UFO Recordz.


run it back

You're not even ready for this.

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